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Release Liner Substrate Paper

We supply paper used for label industry. We produce paper used as release line substrate in label industry. Release liner substrate plays a very important role in deciding the force at which the adhesive is released from the release liner substrate.

As with any ‘adhesive’ material, the level of adhesion of a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive to a given surface is a combination of attractive forces + dissipative processes. For a smooth release of adhesive substrate from the liner substrate, it is equally important that the release liner is evenly coated through-out the paper. We have release liner paper with gsm ranging from 30 to 120 GSM.

Our Glassine SC and SCK paper are specifically used as release base paper because it acts as an excellent base for silicone coating in label industry, Label industry has a huge demand and is one of the biggest markets for SC Glassine Paper. Its applications are in release liner, base paper for silicone coating, backing paper. It is mainly used as a carrier for self-adhesive labels and stickers.

Release Liner Substrate Paper
Applications for Labels
PSA Tapes


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